Losing my Blog Virginity

I’m an incessent talker, if you’re my friend you’ll probably realise that a 5 minute story will go for at least 45 minutes, there’s lots to talk about. But whenever someone says “say a little something about yourself”, or “tell the person next to you an interesting fact” I actually have nothing to say. Guess what! I went to the toliet today ha, ha, ha…. i think.
What do i know about myself?

1. My name is Tessa, some may call me T-dawg, Master T, the ultimate T-bag. Well noone actually calls me that but I’m trying. The only nickname that stuck  was Testicles…. nice.
2. I am studying a double degree of Communications/ Media studies (Majoring in Digital Media)  and Journalism in the hope of one day becoming a media presenter.
3. I live in the shire…

But these things don’t really give you a glimpse into the innermost working of my fabulous and totally interesting (ha) life. So to make this blog bonding session offich,  I thought I would let you in on the wonderful things that influence myself  to give you a better idea!
Besides laughter, positive energy and amazing views, most of my life revolves around the beautiful group of people that surround me and fill up my tank everyday…

Little fun facts of Tessa, courtesy of the people that know me best!
Toes don’t touch the ground
Eyebrows are always extremely groomed (except if you catch me on Monday-Sunday)
Some more sass
Annnnndddd a little more sass

So so looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you and I am so excited to share all my uni experiences will you! May your future shine bright!



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