I Saw My Instagram Photo In An Ad!

But isn’t that illegal without consent and payment?


Apparently not with Instagram’s sneaky new Copyright laws. The social media world was in an frenzy just a couple months ago at the proposed changes to Instagram’s Terms and Conditions. Under the new policy  Facebook claims the perpetual right to license all public Instagram photos to companies or any other organization, including for advertising purposes, which would effectively transform the Web site into the world’s largest stock photo agency. This means that a clothing company, could pay Facebook/Instagram to use photos taken in their clothes and use it for advertising on their website, in Tv ads, magazines and all of this can be done without paying the user who took the photo and also without their knowledge.

The craziest part though, is that if a celebrity finds their photo in an advertisement and the try to sue, the company then in turn sues Facebook/Instagram. This however means that it all comes back to the user, as stated in the terms and conditions;

“Instagram does not claim ownership of any Content that you post on or through the Service. Instead, you hereby grant to Instagram a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use the content that you post on or through the Service, subject to the Service’s Privacy Policy. . .” (Instagram INC, 2014)


The good news However if that you can licence your photos under Creative Commons. You can give any web site access to your photos and they’ll attribute it to you! Set your Instagram photos free and find out more here



McCalluagh, D 2014, Instagram says it now has the right to sell your photos, cnet, viewed 22/3/14, <http://www.cnet.com/news/instagram-says-it-now-has-the-right-to-sell-your-photos/ >



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