♛ Instagrammers Online Popularity ♛

The seconds, minutes, hours tick by as we are sitting anxiously beside our phone waiting for all those likes to roll in. Reload.


I mean if they don’t think I’m cute they have got to think the dog is cute right!
10 likes, 15 likes, 3o likes…

As a generation of technology and social media crazed prosumers, we thrive on the attention that we receive from our audience. If we don’t have as many likes or followers as the girl next door then that’s really something to work on! We crave the feedback of our social media friends and Instagram craves us. The participatory nature allows us to be socially active from the comfort on our beds, bathtub or from where you’d rather be!

“The audience for Instagram is relatively young, with over half of the visitors to the Instagram website are under the age of 35,” research director at Hitwise Heather Dougherty writes in his study. “More often than not, generation y use their smartphone to access social media, in fact 90% use their smartphone to check their social media accounts before they even set foot out of bed in the morning!”(Gibson, 2013).

We play both the role of the developer- snapping our own stories and adding to the collection 60 million photos posted daily and the active consumer contributing to the 8,500 likes and 1000 comments per second! (Smith, 2014)

The success of Instagram has been largely through the ease we can connect with friends, family and Miley Cyrus (well i mean, she can contact me) and the instantaneousness of posting through social media. These allow prosumers to taken on the role of citizen journalists, for example, photos from the march in march, pray for MH370 and important updates that can travel quickly around the social media sphere.  “We are challenging the status quo, building things, creating things, connecting with each other, self-organizing around important issues, and yes, changing the world little bit by little bit.” (Garlaneau, 2012)

#Ocars2014 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2571848/Ellen-DeGeneres-wins-A-List-Oscars-crowd-gentle-teasing-Liza-Minnelli-not-impressed-mistaken-male-impersonator.html

Hashtags are a popular tool on Instagram to connect people and places and create discussion topics. It is used widely for trends eg, selfie, and for marketing of things such as TV shows and clothing. The social media audience is very active with likes, comments and regrams. Dialogic media is where you have access to a conversation, Instagram allows the audience to join the conversation through hashtags and comments. They facilitate a conversation. Trends emerging from Instagram caused the audience to join in on not only on worldwide issues; #kony2012, #MH370, but also on demotic trends; #selfie, #foodporn.



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