It’s Murdoch’s Mind Time

Social media sites, Television stations, Radio stations, Magazines, Newspapers, countless amounts of information produced through so many different sources that can reach just about anyone anywhere!
BUT what most of us don’t know is that 90% of the media we use is owned by only 6 corporations and they all have one thing on their mind, profit.
So what does this mean for us?

Australian mass media is concentrated into very few hands. This media control has a great impact on public discourse, as Australian citizens rely the media as their source of information.”They decide which topics and issues are on the agenda or not; which individuals or societal groups are given broadcasting time or publishing space and which aspects and facts are presented or suppressed.” (World Information Org, 2007) The media has the influence and power to control what is released to the public and ultimately the public opinion.
The most prominent figure is Rupert Murdoch; who is the founder, chairman and CEO of international media giant News Corp Australia.

Murdoch the ‘media monster’ has” control over 130 newspapers, owns 50% of 16 others, has digital media sites for most of them and publishes some 30 magazine titles throughout Australia.
He also has interests in the news agency Australian Associated Press (AAP), FoxTel, Newspoll, Festival Records, film production and distribution, DVD production and a large piece of the Brisbane Broncos rugby team.” (Tucker, 2013)

Safe to say that’s a whole lot of power, I don’t even think I could name 30 newspapers let alone 130. As the audience we don’t really think about how much control he has over what we read or I guess that we don’t really care about how we get our information sourced. If we read it in a newspaper or hear it on the news we take in all this information that the media spurts out at us and don’t exactly think about the sources. With only 6 cooperations owning 90% of our media, it makes it hard to gain opinions outside of these mass media sources. So this is why we should care! These are the people that get to control what we see and hear!

An example of the control Murdouch exercises through his power is the 2013 election. With headlines such as “A RUDDY MESS”, “KEVIN DEADLY SINS” and  “Finally, you now have the chance to … KICK THIS MOB OUT”. 

“The headlines underlined the fact that when he chooses to, Murdoch uses his newspapers ruthlessly to make or break governments or parties. Given that he controls 70% of the capital city newspaper circulation in Australia, his moods and beliefs are a material factor during elections in Australia.” (Mcknight, 2013)








I think that it is extremely important who controls the media, and therefore control our filtering of information. It doesnt help with the loosening of the media laws! Below is a video of the highlights in the life of Rupert Murdoch and get insight into the man that evidently controls our mind!


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