Why the Government says you should ‘keep your mouth shut’

In 2009, IFC films released a sequel to the film “The Human Centipede”. “This sequel is about someone becoming obsessed with a DVD copy of the original film, recreating a “centipede” like the one shown, and raping the woman at the end in grotesquely sadistic and cruel ways.” (Bradshaw, 2011) The movie was banned in Britain by the BBC for its graphic and unnecessary portray of sexual violence and of course the fact that people had to force poo in each other’s mouths.

The decision by the British government saw controversy in the public sphere regarding issues of censorship, and so the debatable topic rises again.  The director has responded furiously: “My dear people it is a fucking MOVIE. It is all fictional. Not real. It is all make-belief [sic]. It is art. Give people their own choice to watch it or not.”

In Australia however, the movie got the tick of approval which was surprising to the film distributor but also the public. ”I will admit we were surprised by this one,” Mr Hellwig said. ”There are a couple of questionable scenes involving controversial or taboo acts that have in the past seen a few films either require cuts or be banned”. (Taylor, 2011) It was announced that the Australian censorship agencies didn’t ask for any cuts or trimmings, and so the theatrical release was uncensored. The Classification board had given the movie a rating of R18+ to be air in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.  Unfortunately, in December 2011, the rating was abolished. After cutting out some of the footage from the uncensored version, the movie was rated again.



A common response in public sphere over the debate was the fact that there were different versions all over the world and the restricted access of some countries. Should the government have the power to restrict us access? What does this mean for censorship and freedom of access? This was the debate risen from the controversial movie.

The common response to this was to downed pirated copies from different sources. “Reist and other pro-ban advocates may argue that fewer people will see the film in the public domain, in cinemas next to cafes, bars, schools and book shops, which is true. But no sane person would argue that fewer people will now obtain it illegally.”  (Buckmaster, 2011)



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3 thoughts on “Why the Government says you should ‘keep your mouth shut’

  1. Oh god, so this day I haven’t watch the scene from the Human Centipede and I am certain and determined to not let in burn into the back of my brain. However, this is a great and informative post. Made some excellent points and uses of multimedia and written in an informative and entertaining manner. My final words are: EwEwEwEwEwoh godEwEwEwnopeEwEwEwEwEw

  2. I really like your article which you have gone about distributing the information. I also liked how you write your post with a rhetorical question. It’s very insightful and concise.

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