Cross Over Cinema: Their Bending Like Beckham

Crossover cinema in evident in many media forms that we consume and plays an important role. It is an “emerging form of cinema that crosses cultural borders at the stage of conceptualization and production” (Khorana 2014, p.2).” This means that it is a cultural hybridity of the global film industry that shows mixed culture in elements such as similar storylines, themes and a re-creation of the movie in another language.


Khorana explains that the way that crossover film ‘does not assume a Western audience at the outset but rather is forged from multiple cultural affiliations and eventually appeals to a range of viewing communities among whom the Western audience is only one possibility (Khorana 2013, p.6).

‘Bend It Like Beckham’ is a crossover film that is widely recognised within Western society.  Both Indian influence and Western society mix together in the English-speaking film, directed and produced by British film maker Gurinder Chadha, who is of Sikh Indian origin. It delves into themes of “bending of rules, social paradigms and lives” (Times of India)

India Abroad (2003) explains, films like Bend It Like Beckham have displayed the box office potential of crossover films in the international market. A strong theme, an effective screenplay, a strong narrative and a strong storyline that displays a reality that is universal is essential for Indian filmmakers to make their mark in the global mainstream.

Another upcoming movie, hoping to be as successful as ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ is called My Cornerstone. Produced by west ride film makers, “The story covers contemporary issues in both Western society and Indian communities in a fun, sexy fashion which is great entertainment for the whole family. It is the first crossover feature film shot on location in Sydney.” (Weekly Times, 2014)



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