New Media Capitals Emerge: Flight or Fight?

Hollywood… The media capital of the world right?

Yeah, I thought so too. I had always believe that majority of the media that we consume is a global cultural flow from America. From movies, to television, magazines and popular music that I read, listen and watch being emerged in Western culture.

However, there are many media capitals that we are also emerged in. Media capitals are places where things come together and, consequently, where the generation and circulation of new mass culture forms become possible” (Curtin, 2003).
These media capitals and media scopes are located all over the globe, therefore portraying large dominate media coverage of cultural flow.

Huntington in his book, A Clash of Civilisations (1996), stated “The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural”, predicting clash-of-civilizationsthat the future problems of the world would be caused by cultural differences and disagreements.

This concept of media capitals challenges this prediction of clash of civilisations. Instead, they are central places where things come together, encouraging a pattern of flow between cultural spheres that focus of both difference and similarity. From the generation and circulation of content and ideas, new and emerging forms of mass culture are possible.

Hong Kong is a media capital that converges global culture.
“The concept of media capitals portrays cities like Hong Kong, as positioned at the intersection of complex patterns of economic, cultural and social flows.” (Curtin, 2003)

The most prominent example of the emergence of Hong Kong, is their television- with popularity growing quickly. TVB and Cantopop are types of these styles that are typically hybridised, combining global elements with local cultures and mixing both Western principles and Eastern values.


Curtin, M. 2003, ‘Media capital’, International Journal of Cultural Studies, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 202-228

Huntington, S. 1996, Clash of Civilisations, Simon and Schuster, New York


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