An Avid Movie Goer

I looooove movies! It’s honestly hard to think of a movie that I haven’t seen yet. Lucky for me, I have a just as eager movie companion (a.k.a my boyfriend) who comes to the movies with me around once every fortnight. Whenever I tell people how often I go to the movies they are always surprised. I get responses like “as if you can be bothered, why don’t you watch something at home”, “I haven’t been to them in months!” and “why would you waste your money when you can just stream it?”

To me, going to the movies is an experience. One in which you can escape from reality, learn something new and get you thinking about things that you might not have before. With an average Australian going to the movies 6.8 times a year, I quadripple tripple that (I’m not positive that’s a number but you get what I mean) So thanks BCM for giving me another reason to hit the movies!

We chose to go to the movie Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials on Friday for a 9pm session. Usually I choose an earlier session but I wanted to see this movie in VMAX- an ungraded movie cinema with bigger screen, bigger seats and waaaayyy more personal space. My boyfriend picked me up and we drove to the local cinema which is around 5 minutes from my house. We picked our seats before we left and cruised our way through the crowd to the candybar.

Once we had done this, we had easily passed through Hagerstrand’s principles of  ‘capability’, ‘coupling’ and ‘authority’ as we could easily get there, had the spare time and are old enough to buy our own tickets for the PG movie.

The seats that we chose in the movie theatre are the same as where we usually go. Because VMAX cinema’s have four rows of viewing rather than three, we sit on the isle (which is technically in the middle) which is perfect because it allows me to run out and pee from sculling my drink during the ads!

It’s also interesting to notice that although the cinema is quite full- presumably due to the time slot, newness of the movie and the upgraded cinema- each group of people are separate from one another. I know when I am booking online, or sitting down at a seat, there is one or two spots in between myself and everyone else. It seems in a public space, people are creating their own private space and bubble where they feel they are at the movies just with the people they have come with.

As I said before, the cinemas as a whole area at Miranda Fair has become extremely busier than they ever have before with their upgraded Event Cinema. In previous experiences at the old cinemas there and even at the cinemas at Cronulla, the audience would be around 10% of what there is at this movie.

New Vmax Cinemas:
New Vmax Cinemas:

Screen Australian (2014) state that 14–24 year olds recorded the highest number of visits in 2014 but the frequency of visits has been in steady decline for over a decade.

I think this gives quite a good insight into where the cinema will go in the future. With an increased accessibility to stream movies online, especially now with Netflix, and interest from the 14-24 year old age group, the future of cinema is unknown. I think the movie industry has responded and increased interest in cinema’s with new cinema screens all over the world, such as gold class and Vmax.

Don’t worry though Event Cinemas, you’ll still be getting ticket sales from me!


One thought on “An Avid Movie Goer

  1. I used to go a lot for a while, like it seemed at least once or twice a fortnight, though I saw my cinema trips slowing down a bit, mainly due to lack of time and stuff.. and I will admit I was using Netflix and pirating more than before. Though when Jurassic World came out I really wanted to experience it at the movies, so I went to the new Event Cinemas and wow it was such a good experience, the new candy bar set up and comfy new theatres, I felt like I enjoyed the movie way more than if I watched a dodgy copy at home and reminded me that theres nothing better than watching a movie when its on the big screen.

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